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The movement dedicated to helping you transform into a ten times bolder, more confident, & badass version of your already awesome self.

What is the b10xb Movement?

B10xB® stands for "Be Ten Times Bolder®" which is the mantra behind The B10xB Movement®, a movement that Cesar started over a decade ago that helps people transform into ten times bolder, more confident, & badass versions of themselves.

The B10xB Movement has impacted the lives of thousands of people globally & its followers grow stronger everyday thanks to Cesar's videos, podcast "Be Ten Times Bolder", Facebook group, & the game he's created that they all play.

The game is simple. Anytime you feel fear, indecision, or doubt, ask yourself, "What would I do if I was ten times bolder?" 

Whatever you come up with in that moment, you have to do it. If you don't, it's because your brain associates pain with getting out of your comfort zone, & pleasure with staying in it & chickening out. 

So to rewire your brain & program it for success, when you don't do the thing you came up with, you pull back on a rubber wristband & snap it. After enough painful snaps, your brain will rewire itself & associate pain with staying in your comfort zone & pleasure with being ten times bolder.

And because success is found in the bolder zone & not in the comfort zone, when your brain’s default programming is to act like a ten times bolder version of yourself, your life will drastically change for the better. How much better? Let's find out.

If you're ready to make a commitment to transforming your life by joining The B10xB Movement & playing The B10xB Game, follow these steps...

to join the b10xb Movement
follow these 3 steps...

to join the b10xb Movement follow these 3 steps...

1. Subscribe to "Be Ten Times Bolder" The Podcast

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Listening to this podcast will arm you with the motivation & training you need to rewire your brain & help you overcome your fears, unlock unstoppable confidence, & transform into a ten times bolder, more confident, & badass version of your already awesome self.

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Join the B10xB community

Join the hottest movement around & connect with thousands of your fellow B10xB brothers & sisters to share your bolder moments & get exclusive trainings that will help you along your journey, inside our safe "no pitching, no recruiting" private Facebook group.

This is a private group you can invite your entire team into that's loaded with tons of bold & badass training videos. In order to be accepted, you'll need to agree to not pitch other members & mention you're a follower of The B10xB Movement.

Invite your team for the ultimate experience in leverage. You invite them to join, Cesar will transform them into fearless, ten times bolder, more confident, & badass versions of themselves, & you'll all rank up together.


first wristband
is on the house

If you think about it, everything in your life that you're happy about, excited about, or grateful for, came as the result of a bolder moment. There was a fork in the road & you chose to take the bolder path.

So why don't we take the bolder path more often? Because our brains are wired to keep us safe & away from pain. And because there's a chance we could experience pain outside our comfort zone. To protect us, our brains associate pain with getting outside of our comfort zone, which is why you sometimes freeze up & miss life changing opportunities to be bold.

The good news is there's a fast, easy, & proven way to hack your brain & rewire it so that it's working with you & not against you. All you have to do is strap on one of our B10xB "Brain Trainer" wristbands to constantly remind of your commitment to playing The B10xB Game.

Anytime you feel fear, indecision, or doubt ask yourself The B10xB Pattern Interrupt question, "What would I do if I was ten times bolder?". Whatever you come up with, do it. If you don't, you pull back on that rubber wrist band & snap it on your wrist. After enough painful snaps your brain will rewire itself & associate pain with staying in your comfort zone & not being bold. 

When this brain rewiring fully takes root, you can kiss goodbye to the 3 enemies of success, "fear, indecision, & doubt", & say hello to the ten times bolder, more confident, & badass version of yourself that you were put on this earth to be.

To get you started on your journey, we're going to give you a coupon for a FREE B10xB wristband from our store & a free video training series.  

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